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ATOM An event/update publishing protocol The Atom Publising protocol (commonly abbreviated AtomPub) is a data format and publishing mechanism for making content easily available, indexable and searchable on the world wide web.

Atom is (arguably) best-suited for activity groups, discussions, forums and chronological (sequential) events or actions.


ATOM is the name of a family of data formats and procotols, separated into two main subtypes: Atom Publishing Protocol (commonly abbreviated AtomPub or APP) and Atom Syndication Format (commonly abbreviated Atom or Atom Feed).

AtomPub is an application-level protocol for both publishing and editing web resources using HTTP and XML (i.e. a RESTful protocol for data feeds); whereas Atom is an XML-based document format that describes lists of related information known as "feeds", which are composed of a number of items, known as "entries", each with an extensible (unconstrained by a strict DTD/XSD) set of attached metadata.[1]


The Atom Publishing Protocol namespace is as follows:


The Atom Syndication Format namespace is as follows:


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <feed xmlns="">
   <title>Example Feed</title>
   <subtitle>A subtitle.</subtitle>
   <link href="" rel="self" />
   <link href="" />
     <name>John Doe</name>
     <title>Atom-Powered Robots Run Amok</title>
     <link href="" />
     <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
     <link rel="edit" href=""/>
     <summary>Some amount of text (anything from the first paragraph to the entire story, and everything in between).</summary>



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