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Augmented Reality can be used to escape or enhance your current surroundings, for better or worse...

Augmented Reality (commonly abbreviated as AR) is a field of computer science study related to computer systems, software and hardware that can be used to supplement existing reality with visualizations and data, for example a special tracking card can appear to the naked eye as nothing more than a piece of paper with funny designs/barcodes, but the same card, when viewed through a mobile device or special pair of digital goggles/glasses, will show a 3D model of a car, building, city street, or other 3D virtual object that is not really there, but can be represented through the intermediary viewing device.




Real-World overlays

Real-world overlays of visualiations such as projections, holograms, etc...

Device Overlays (over Real-world footage)

Visualizations overlayed on top of footage or images of the real-world.




Extended Reality

eXtended Reality (XR) is a broad term for blended AR/VR/MR experiences.





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