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BCmoney (affectionately abbreviated BC$) is a long-term project to create an online behavioural monitoring and monetization system designed to reward people for their loyalty and participation, while remaining transparent and empowering the user to fully control access to their information and content.


Behavior, Content and Money.

BC$ is a conceptual framework for building a new form of online currency which monetizes people's attention and viewing habits.


  • purchase - 5
  • survey - 4
  • upload - 3
  • share - 2
  • view - 1


The Framework

The framework is based on open standards and programming languages such as PHP, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5.

How Does it Look?

How ever one could ever possibly visually conceive one's attention, viewing habits/histories, behavioral tendencies, roaming profile, preferences and recommendations is a valid representation of BC$.


That being said, it is useful to provide at least one tangible example of what BC$ would look like in the real-world. The following table (and accompanying screenshot) depicts the BCMONEY MOBILETV interpretation of one's BC$:

Putting it all Together

In order for BC$ to go from concept to reality, it will require the cooperation of many developers, webmasters and eventually entire enterprise players.

A Good Place to Start

A great place to start may very well be the independent publication channels, such as open source Blog service WordPress, as well as various low-cost YouTube Clone Scripts such as vShare, VideoWatchPro and ClipShare, Open Source Content Management Systems like Joomla, Xoops, PHPnuke/DotNetNuke and Drupal, Forum and Message Board services such as SMF and phpBB; and finally, it will be especially crucial to gain the support of open source content-sharing community projects such as PHPmotion and Dolphin.

By getting the support of the developers of these shared code-bases for content publication and community collaboration and sharing, the independent publishers themselves may be much more likely to agree to supporting a given standard.

What does BCmoney mean to us?

It means Behavior, Content and Money; as in we track your Behavior in a passive, non-intrusive manner, in order to show you the Content that *YOU* want to see, and get companies desperate for your attention to actually pay you Money just to listen to their offers.

So, what should BCmoney mean to you?

Well, that's entirely up to you, the possiblities of what you can do with BCmoney are endless; the future is your's...



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