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A Content Delivery Network (commonly abbreviated CDN) is a service which provides hosting, network communication and delivery of media over a

large-scale network (usually the Internet, but may also be used for a large company Intranet or a given Telecommunication company's respective Mobile Internet). Cookieless Domains:


  1. CacheFly
  2. MaxCDN
  3. Akamai
  4. Amazon Cloudfront
  5. BitsOnTheRun
  6. EdgeCast
  7. Jstream (Japan only)
  8. Limelight
  9. Level3
  10. Rackspace
  11. SimpleCDN
  12. SoftLayer
  13. Voxel


App Hosting

  1. Google AppEngine
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  4. IBM DevCloud
  5. CRM cloud





External Links


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  2. Varnish now secures Web traffic with SSL support:
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  7. Speed up Apache 2.0 web access or downloads with mod_deflate:
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  9. BACKUP of tutorial on getting Varnish + SSL without using Varnish+ commercial product:

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