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A Calendar is a graphical display of a set of dates.







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External Links


  1. Network Time Protocol (NTP):
  2. Calendaring & Scheduling Consortium (CALCONNECT) - XML Technical Committee:
  3. OASIS Web Services Calendar (WS-Calendar) TC to Create Common Scheduling Standard:
  4. Get started with Google Calendar:
  5. Microsoft Graph API - Get calendar data:
  6. Microsoft Oulook - Email & Calendar landing page:
  7. Welcome to your Outlook Calendar:
  8. Introduction to the Outlook Calendar:
  9. Calendly Offering Free Zoom And GoToMeeting Integrations to Help Remote Workers :
  10. Web clock (Official times across Canada): (former link to raw server time no longer available, only web clock "landing page" link)
  11. 15 Useful Features of JavaScript Calendar/Scheduler libs:
  12. A Comparison of JavaScript Calendars and Schedulers:
  13. dHTMLx scheduler: (nice Day, Week & Month views with multi-event support in Day view, but commercial licensing required)
  14. Telerik -- KendoUI widget - Calendar:
  15. -- jQuery plugin: (front-end calendar with nice Monthly, Agenda & "Resource-booking" views but still no multi-event single day view)
  16. graspSchedule.js -- jQuery plugin: | DEMO
  17. jQuery Weekly Scheduler: | DEMO (basic timeslot chooser)
  18. Animated jQuery Event Calendar Plugin - Pretty Calendar: | DEMO (supports L/R multi-event in a Day or Monthly view)
  19. Mobile-friendly Calendar and Schedule Plugin - jQuery Calendar.js: | SRC | DEMO
  20. DayPilot -- JavaScript Scheduler: (expensive commercial license, but has some good appointment scheduling examples with basic multi-event support in Month/Week/Resource views, but not a nice Day view)
  21. MobiScroll -- Mobile-first Calendar design with an "Agenda view": (but still no stacked L/R multi-event support)
  22. Syncfusion framework -- JS Appointment Scheduler control: (click "Preview" then "Day" and add an event to see support for multi-event)
  23. Nylas scheduler: (front-end & back-end API for storing scheduled appointments/events)

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