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Chrome is Google's latest foray into the browser market. Although it does not enjoy much widespread use, it has created a cult following amongst "Googlites", who claim it to be far superior to IE and even the more popular (also WebKit-based) Firefox.


Google announced on Friday, July 10th that they have been working on an Operating System due for release in the second quarter of 2010.

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On September 2nd, 2008 Google released their Chrome browser as an intended competitor to IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.


chromium is an open-source browser project to help move the web forward and is the open-source project behind Google Chrome. Google invites developers to join them in their effort to "build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web, and to create a powerful platform for developing a new generation of web applications".


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Lighthouse was originally a tool used internally at Google by their various Dev teams to measure various performance-related criteria of their products/services, particularly as an alternative to Yahoo's YSlow website performance evaluation tool which was optimized only for HTTP 1.0 best practices; whereas Lighthouse was designed to be more easily kept up-to-date to support evolving web standards (such as HTTP 1 to 2.x then 3.x and beyond; among other topics like PWAs and A11Y which are also fast-evolving technologies). It was eventually decided to be a worthwhile tool to open source and offer to other developers to use to optimize their products/services as well (as this benefits Google through improved Search Result quality and extended Ad Network page load times).

They first released Lighthouse as a Chrome extension with Chrome 44 (2016)[8], and as a core part of the Dev tools in Chrome Canary 58 (2018)[9], making it a permanent fixture since that version's release[10].

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EULA Issues

Shortly after the release of Google's Chrome browser, a substantial number of users raised concerns over the restrictions of the End User License Agreement.





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