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A Content Management System (CMS) is any system designed for the administration (creating, collecting, grouping, releasing, editing, deleting) of content.

The most common implementation of content management system[1] is arguably for use in the administration of content delivered over the web. In the enterprise, a CMS is often used for a plethora of other use cases, from Digital Newspaper "print-to-web" solutions to Marketing content, or from "corporate intranet" announcements to Employee training & E-Learning.


Web Content Management (WCM) is the process of arranging/organizing, scheduling, releasing, editing/updating/managing and removing/deleting/archiving content updates to a web-based portal or client for consumption by customers over a myriad of channels (devices/screens/OS/browser combination possibilities). Content in this context could be any multimedia format. While not the only method of doing so, often, a CMS is the best tool for enabling WCM and the digital transformation of an organization that it makes possible.



Darwin Information Typing Architecture (also referred to as "Document Information Typing Architecture", commonly abbreviated as DITA) is an XML-based standard for document creation, editing and management standard that has become popular in enterprise CMS platforms.

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Java Content Repository (JCR).

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W3C Widgets

W3C Widgets are an XML-based specification for describing how small snippets of reusable code should be structured.


WebComponents are a natural progression of legacy "W3C Widgets", which lead to the creation of a number of useful specifications for further standardization and capabilities in the development and sharing of reusable Components:

  • CustomElements
  • Shadow DOM
  • HTML templates
  • HTML imports
  • CSS modules (targeted/scoped "Style blocks")

Several leading CMS such as AEM (Authoring components/dialogs) and Drupal (add-on for WebComponent support) have adopted WebComponents to varying degrees.

Block protocol


Currently, one of the most popular CMS' in wide deployment is Joomla, while the most developer-friendly (in terms of extensibility) CMS platform is Drupal, however the blogging platform Wordpress has been increasingly customized to serve this purpose as well, and when classifying its basic out-of-the-box capabilities as a CMS (which it approaches with the new Jetpack & Dashboard), it is by far the most popular platform; at an increasingly distant fourth place is Xoops (started by a Canadian professor/company). Other solutions are much more niche and company-specific, particularly the enterprise CMS solutions such as AEM (Java-based), Liferay (Java-based), OpenCMS (Java-based), DotNetNuke (C#/ASP-based), Plone (Python-based) & Movable Type (Perl-based).


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