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Data Portability is a movement towards websites, content publishers, content providers, e-commerce retailers and network operators alike providing data about you in open, transparent, free and accessible formats.

DataPortability Project

"The DataPortability Project is a group created to promote the idea that individuals have control over their data by determing how they can use it and who can use it. This includes access to data that is under the control of another entity."

The DataPortability Project maintains:

  • You should be able to decide what you do with that data and how it gets used by others
  • Open Source solutions are preferred to closed source proprietary solutions
  • Bottom-up distributed solutions are preferred to top down centralized solutions





Related Projects

Data Transfer Project

Google, Microsoft, Facebook & Twitter (4 of the big 5) have announced a limited partnership to enable users of one anothers' services to migrate their data between each platform. Details

Portable Contacts

A project to create a standard for portable contact information of friends, family, co-workers and others we connect to through the world wide web.

Contact/Friend Importer



External Links


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  2. Meet, a personal data librarian and postman:

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