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Dell is a computer and electronic device manufacturer and retailer which has recently grown into a software and services business as well through mergers & acquisitions as well as internal expansion.

The company was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 as an alternative to the big-name computer companies of the time selling what he felt were grossly overpriced PCs with enterprise-level prices yet consumer-grade parts to consumers. As a result of their ability to get parts cheaply and more efficiently assemble systems, as well as custom build PCs based on individual consumers' needs, Dell became one of the leading consumer PC retailers. While at first they did most of their business via telephone, e-commerce or mail-in sales, they later partnered with many existing brick-and-mortar box store retailers to sell pre-built Dell computers as well as take custom build orders.

Today, the company is undergoing some transitions in the attempt to redefine its business with an emphasis on software and services, as well as some experimentation into Mobile Devices. In particular, the company has made it a goal to become an enterprise vendor of SaaS and Cloud technologies, particularly with their most recent acquisitions, listed below.



SonicWall provides firewall and proxy enhancements for screening web traffic, categorizing and monitoring different types of online activities (such as viewing videos, listening to music, blogging, hacking, etc). This software is typically deployed in an intranet (i.e. within a company) or public access point (such as an airport, park or recreation facility on the wifi network for visitors). Dell acquired SonicWall in March, 2012[1] for a reported .


Quest Software, one of the industry's leading Database Optimization, and general software Testing & QA companies, was acquired by Dell in July 2012[2] for a total of $2.4 Billion USD[3].

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