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From both a business and "personal education" perspective, Discovery is the process of learning or gaining new information about a specific thing for use in further researching to gain understanding, doing educated planning, decision-making, driving actions, carrying out experimentation(s) on or making usages of the thing and measuring outcomes.

From a technical perspectivem a broad array of " Discovery technologies" have emerged, particular in the area of Web Services discovery; for example discovering a web server (in spidering/crawling/indexing/searching or other [P2P] communications), API endpoint discovery (paths, required headers/tokens/signatures, possible parameters or expected message contents), Device capability discovery or essentially any concept that can be represented as a URI (which is arguably, just about everything in the known world).





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  1. The Discovery Protocol Stack: http://hueniverse.com/2009/03/the-discovery-protocol-stack/

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