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Enterprise Application Integration (commonly abbreviated as EAI).


Enterprise Integration Patterns (commonly abbreviated EIP; sometimes also referred to as Enterprise Application Integration EAI) is an SOA focused software development approach for data integration. It represents the best-practices for service-oriented application and/or data integration, particularly in a large Enterprise. An Enterprise setting is perhaps more appropriate for EIP and EAI due to the time, money, resources and skilled technical staff disposable at such organizations, for implementing more complex integration patterns; however, small to mid-sized organizations can certainly benefit from such integration patterns as well. There are a number of free and/or open source tools available for helping such "non-Enterprise" organizations to get started with EIP and EAI, making the technologies behind these approaches accessible to all types of integration projects and development efforts.


Event-Driven Architecture (commonly abbreviated as EDA).


An Enterprise Service Bus (commonly abbreviated ESB) is an SOA integration tool, most commonly used for combining Web Services or other remote programming APIs to appear (or more appropriately, function) as a single coherent system.

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API Gateway

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Service Mesh

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Digital eXperience Platform (commonly abbreviated as DXP).


API Management


API Monetization

Metering, Pay-per-use, Request packages (pricing tiers of Max. requests per second/minute/day/week/month) etc.





External Links


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