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An endorsement is the representation of a person's positive connection or personal convictions towards a specific company or brand. The word representation is used here, as the endorsements may, or may not always represent a real-world conviction or positive connection.


Endorsements may take any of several formats:

  • A specific non-targeted message (which can typically be archived), such as:
  - a blog post
  - letter to the editor (article written with a specific intent to non-specific audience, i.e. whoever reads newspaper)
  - website content (temporarily posted on behalf of a specific company or initiative, typically on a primary or secondary page, probably archived off the page 
after a certain amount of time)
  • A specific, targeted message
  - TV ads generally fall into this category (though less and less, as audiences become more fragmented and thus less predictable/target-able through this medium)
  - A third-party, or co-branded Magazine Ad intending to reach a specific audience   
  - paid advertisement in which a paid celebrity or other notable media figure promotes a product, service or campaign through a given Ad network and medium 
with the intent to target a specific demographic or other group, and with clear financial incentives for promoting the given product, service or campaign
  • A non-specific, non-targeted message
  - paid advertisement promoting a general brand or company through an Ad network
  - billboard advertisement promoting a 
  - classifieds ad in newspaper
  • A non-specific supportive remark
  - blog responses (may be considered spam if it is too off-subject or obviously promoting a hidden interest)   
  - general forum post (also, often considered as spamming if it is unsolicited)
  - Social Networking Widgets, Brand Associations or Preferences

Endorsements .vs. Recommendations

Endorsements differ from a recommendation in that it occurs at the company or brand level as opposed to the product, service, individual content offering or interaction level.

External Links

  • SocialVibe's Social Endorsements Program (allows users to get paid for endorsing a specific brand on their blog, website or social networking profile):