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Flash Video format (commonly abbreviated FLV; also used as a File Format with the extension ".flv") is a video format encoded using Adobe Flash optimized for web delivery via video playback that offers high rates of compression and produces high quality video. FLV became the most popular Streaming Video web since it can easily be embedded in a webpage and is supported by the main operating systems via the Adobe Flash Player and web-browser plugin. [1]


  • YouTube - The world's leading provider and resource for FLV formatted video content: http://YouTube.com
  • KeepVid (allows you to download a local copy of FLVs by resolving them out of a URL on a video sharing site): http://keepvid.com/
  • Vixy.net - Put any video URL and Vixy will attempt to download it, convert it to your preferred format(s) and offer those copies for download: http://vixy.net


External Links


  1. What is FLV?: http://www.aunsoft.com/what-is-flv/