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* From 'The Social Network' To 'The World's Discovery Engine,' Why Zuckerberg Really Wants To Be Google: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/373406/from-the-social-network-to-the-worlds-discover.html
* From 'The Social Network' To 'The World's Discovery Engine,' Why Zuckerberg Really Wants To Be Google: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/373406/from-the-social-network-to-the-worlds-discover.html
* Facebook Parent Meta Is Opening Its First Store. Here's What It's Like Inside: https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/facebook-parent-meta-is-opening-its-first-store-heres-what-its-like-inside/
* Facebook Parent Meta Is Opening Its First Store. Here's What It's Like Inside: https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/facebook-parent-meta-is-opening-its-first-store-heres-what-its-like-inside/
* Meta Announces New AI Advantage Program Features: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/376589/meta-announces-new-ai-advantage-program-features.html

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Facebook (commonly abbreviated as FB, or FBI when speaking of any number of the major "FaceBook Initiatives"[1][2][3][4][5] or also used when referring to the FaceBook IPO) is a social network and friend finding utility which was initially created to allow you to build and maintain a virtual book of faces of all of your friends, co-workers, family and others with whom you have developed a real-world relationship or those whom you have never even met but befriended online or elsewhere. In this sense, it was essentially a virtual and more up-to-date (constantly changing) virtual yearbook for Universities and Colleges.

Based on the somewhat cheeky acronym FBI it is also commonly joked about amongst the hacker community as being nothing more than a surveillance service for the FBI/CIA/NSA where people freely and often to a shocking degree give up their personal data in the form of interests, friend/family/co-worker connections, content (text/images/video shared or hosted on the platform), online behaviors (links and topics clicked/liked/shared, hosted content visited/viewed), date of birth, events attended, geolocation check-ins, and many other personal data points that can be used to triangulate a user's whereabouts or glean substantial personal info out of their "social graph data".

As a service, its growth rate peaked in mid-to-late 2007 when social media and social apps (applications) were all the rage. It continued to stable and impressive growth in usage and average visits per user well into 2012 before it started to decline in popularity due to debatable, non-transparent and perhaps purposely vague and constantly changing privacy policies along with an ever-increasing emphasis on pofitability and mining user data to generate revenue from Ads or Marketers which was required since the company now had to answer to shareholders after its IPO. This lead to more and more personal data being divulged by the service, to industry partners, advertisers, and the entire public web in general.

Meta rebrand

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OpenGraph Protocol


Facebook OpenGraph API

OpenGraph photo URL:


Redirects to:


OpenGraph - Search for a certain site's appearances in Facebook wall posts/shares:

https://graph.facebook.com/search?q=<SITE>&limit=1000: | EXAMPLE

Facebook Connect


Facebook MOBILE

Facebook Feeds

Facebook Feeds come in two flavors Friend Feeds and Event Feeds. The former notifies you of updates your friends make to their profiles (such as uploading a photo, adding a new musical preference or application) or statuses (dating, relationship, address), while the latter deals with notifications about Events and Group activities which are organized by Facebook members.

RSS Feed Integration


Facebook bought FriendFeed, friend-of-a-friend style (but surprisingly non-FOAF supporting) RSS activity aggregation tool in 2007.


Interesting developments today in the scalable real time web front. In a rather unexpected move, Facebook has released a project called Tornado -- an open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web server and and tools that power FriendFeed

In a blog post from Facebook Director of Products, Bret Taylor he describes the project in three parts. All the basic site building blocks - Tornado comes with built-in support for a lot of the most difficult and tedious aspects of web development, including templates

     * signed cookies      
     * user authentication       
     * localization       
     * aggressive static file caching
     * cross-site request forgery protection       
     * and third party authentication
     like Facebook Connect. You only need to use the features you want, and it is easy to mix and match Tornado with other frameworks.
   *  Real-time services - Tornado supports large numbers of concurrent connections. It is easy to write real-time services via long polling or HTTP streaming with Tornado. Every active user of FriendFeed maintains an open connection to FriendFeed's servers.
   *  High performance - Tornado is pretty fast relative to most Python web frameworks. We ran some simple load tests against some other popular Python frameworks, and Tornado's baseline throughput was over four times higher than the other frameworks:


A project to build the world's leading Open Source computing (server/network) infrastructure in terms of both efficiency and low-cost. The project is run by Facebook's Hardware and Design Engineers.



FB Pixel Tracker

Facebook Mobile App Ads SDK

Facebook Apps

A Facebook App is an application which runs within Facebook, using Facebook as the container and platform (and possibly graph database), while typically running the application itself on remote servers. Often, a Facebook App is a minituarized or Widgetized version of a full-scale application, exposing just the key functionality of the app (for example the Flixster app which exposes movie search, Top 10 / Favorites lists and Quizzes, which are the most popular features of its own larger Flixster Social Networking Service).

Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits are points users earn or buy (i.e. through a micropayment or larger transaction) for purchasing items, status or other information/content within Facebook Applications, and is most commonly used within games (i.e. for buying items such as clothing or accessories for a character in a Facebook gaming App such as FarmVille).






Integrating in 3 steps

The following 3 steps are required:

  1. Connect via FacebookConnect to get a session_key (http://github.com/facebook/connect-js)
  2. Pass session_key to Java client (Facebook - restfb: http://restfb.com/)
  3. Use data (transform to/from XML,JSON,FOAF,HTML display, etc)

Facebook FOAF Generator

A tool that generates a Foaf file from your Facebook profile, compiled from the information that Facebook has stored about you. It also includes details about your friends, along with geographical placement of your current location or hometown.

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External Links


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