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FireFox (commonly abbreviated as FF) is a client browser for accessing - as well as viewing, saving, printing and performing a number of other operations on - Web pages, over the internet.

An unofficial tongue-in-cheek motto for Firefox is:

"Chrome is Google's browser, Edge is Microsoft's browser, Safari is Apple's browser, Firefox is my browser."




FireFox Mobile



Firefox OS

FireFox OS was initially pegged as Mozilla's answer to Google's Chromebook, this fully featured Linux-based open source OS, however because of Android's market share momentum and Google's scale they had difficulty competing and the product line was discontinued in 2016.

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Authoring a FF plugin requires the creation of an "install.rdf" file that describes your plugin, some code (usually a combination of Javascript, HTML, CSS and possible native code), and finally, packaging the entire plugin in the ".xul" plugin format.



Netscape Server Application Programming Interface (NSAPI) deprecated as of FireFox 48, removed support for all plugins except Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight as of FireFox 52, removed support for Silverlight in FireFox 55 and finally Flash the last legacy NSAPI plugin as of FireFox 76 (2020-12-01).



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