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Google is the undisputed leader in providing keyword-based search services and as a result the most pervasive, widely used and highly trafficked Search Engine.


Market Dominance

Google's market dominance was solidified when major competitor in the search marketplace Yahoo! (who, while still reeling from having rejected and successfully fended off an aggressive takeover bid from Microsoft) was convinced to sign a search deal with Google (as part of their defense from Microsoft). Many are calling Yahoo!'s move bold and aggressive, and just what the company needed to stave off the Microsoft takeover, however even more will tell you this is the real-world equivalent of having swallowed a poison pill to keep your opponent away just because they feel bad that your time is short. In any case, Google has solidified itself as the world's leading search engine for the foreseeable future.


Google has been caught on numerous occasions to be censoring the internet traffic it drives through its search engine, especially by filtering out certain sites, pages, documents and content entries it (or its major partners) has deemed undesirable. This includes but is not limited to:

  • content it or its various teams of moderators (often outsourced consultants) deem "fake news"
  • content "alleged to be offensive" by a sufficiently large number of users (via content "Flagging"/feedback capabilities, which can easily be abused)
  • content deemed undesirable by a government or ruling faction in a country in which they do business (typically just filtered within that country, but sometimes even more controversially extended to other jurisdictions)

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Google has been accused of anti-competitive and monopolistic practices, such as bundling exclusively their own products/services in their Chrome browser (as in promoting Google Search over Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo & other search engines), in their search results (i.e. bubbling up Google-based results above competitors, even without the Google results necessarily being a better match to the query) or on their devices (such as aggressively pushing Google products/services via Android devices and making mandatory Google-related services run in the background, and in some cases even keeping competitors' offerings off the Android platform by blocking sales, downloads and/or listings in the Google Play store).

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Google's technology varies in nature and usage but tends to focus on the management and retrieval of information, with their leading services being those that revolve around their industry and market-leading Search Engine technology. Google's search algorithms tend to use statistical analysis of the link structure of web documents (i.e. indexing and analyzing documents that link to other documents) as opposed to just looking at the number of times a given search keyword appears within a document, web page or other indexed resource.


This approach may have limitations, as the amount of links to study increases exponentially.


Business Model

In 2003 Google hired a number of prominent executives form the advertising industry into their executive branch. The company quickly began re-shaping its business model as an academic Search Engine and software provider, into that of a major advertising company focused on selling ad impressions next to the millions of queries and result pages generated through its search engine every day.


The core of Google's technology and original service offering is its Search Engine, built on its massive web index and PageRank algorithms. Since its original launch, "google" has become a household term used synonymously with the appropriate term it describes, search (i.e. "to google something on the web", as opposed to "to search something').

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[25] [26] [27] [28]

Web Vitals

[29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34]




Google Suggest serves two purposes, the first is to attempt to correct spelling mistakes when searching, and the second is to power Google Instant's autocomplete functionality.


The company received much criticism about its shift to an ad-focused business model, especially from long-time supporters and advocates of the quality of the search engine. Many criticized the fact that Google had a major, possibly once-in-a-company-lifetime opportunity to revinvent the entire global E-commerce business model and affect the way business is conducted on a global scale, but instead, opted to follow tired old systems and turned to Advertising to generate the majority of their revenues.


AdWords is the name of Google's proprietary ad serving solution which serves ads based on particular keywords typed into the system's search engine (at various Google-owned web properties, including Search, Video Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc...).

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Google Web Designer
Display Planner


AdSense uses contextual advertising techniques and algorithms to analyze the content of a page, as well as the links coming in and going out to generate a profile and rank of the "best" ads to show next to the content on the given page.


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Privacy Sandbox

[61] [62] [63] [64] [65] [66] [67] [68] [69]

Topics API

[70] [71]

Privacy Budget

[72] [73] [74]

[75] [76]

[77] [78] [79] [80]


Basic Behavioral Targeting accomplished via JavaScript which enables a company, or individual, to track views and hits within their website with full statistics keeping including hourly/daily/weekly/monthly charts, which can further be broken down by demographics.

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Tag Manager

[122] [123] [124] [125] [126] [127] [128] [129] [130] [131] [132] [133] [134] [135] [136] [137] [138]

[139] [140] [141]


[143] [144] [145] [146] [147] [148] [149] [150] [151] [152] [153] [154] [155] [156]


DoubleClick AdExchange is the re-branded advertising network after Doubleclick was acquired by Google. The publisher-facing side of this ad network is called Doubleclick For Publishers (commonly abbreviated as DFP), while the advertiser side of the network is known as DoubleClick AdExchange.

Map Overlays




Google Pay


One Pass

Google will take 10% of all purchases made over One Pass (i.e. 10 cents on the dollar).

Google Retail

Google Retail (also known as Buy on Google) is an E-Commerce platform for merchants offering similar B2C sales options as other platforms like Amazon, Magento, Etsy, Shopify, etc.

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Google's Search technology is by many accounts the "secret sauce" to the company's success, and at least, it was what initially propelled the name "Google" into a common household term and soon after made it a verb where "googling" something became synonymous with searching for it online.


Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets (also in beta stages known as Microdata/Microformat & RDFa Enhanced Results)[167] are a major initiative to support RDFa and metadata markup on websites in the Google search result rankings, such that a site without RDFa will continue to show up as plain text with a link, while sites with RDFa markup will be displayed with an enhanced result listing, showing additional Semantic information such as large product/service posters and images, star ratings, review summaries, event calendar popups, etc... depending on the type of content and the corresponding markup used to describe it.

[175] [176] [177][178][179][180][181]

[184] [185] [186] [187] [188] [189] [190]

  • Google -- Structure Data - gallery of data types: (Article, Book, Breadcrumb, Carousel, Course, Critic Review, Dataset, EmployerAggregateRating, Event, FactCheck, FAQ, HomeActivities, How-to, ImageLicense, JobPosting, JobTraining, LocalBusiness, Logo, Movie, EstimatedSalary, Podcast, Product, Q&A, Recipe, ReviewSnippet, SitelinksSearchBox, SoftwareApp, Speakable, Subscription, Video)

[191] [192] [193] [194] [195] [196] [197] [198] [199] [200] [201] [202] [203] [204] [205]


Stadia (launched in 2019) is a Cloud-based Gaming platform offered by Google where all graphics processing takes place "in the cloud", in order for there to guarantee high quality across a broad variety of devices.

[206] [207] [208]

Google Play

The Android platform's answer to Apple's "app store" and official source of Android mobile applications written in natively supported programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C/C++ (OS-level), or, one of the supported cross-platform frameworks (such as PhoneGap/Cordova, Flutter, Ionic, ReactNative, Xamarin, etc).

[209] [210] [211] [212]


Released as a videoconferencing feature of the Google+ social networking rollout, Hangouts offers a multi-person live video chat with whiteboard, real-time discussion (text chat), interactive Google Docs editing, YouTube video search/viewing integration, and screen-sharing.


What's Popular


[213] [214] [215] [216] [217]



Google has not been quite as dominant a player in the mobile search engine market as it has been in the PC/browser -based search engine market. As a result the company has released a number of initiatives (such as the Android project and Open Handset Alliance), created hype for a gPhone which was never released, pushed mobile versions of their popular Gmail and Google Maps applications, and even attempted to build their own mobile browser.


The long-rumored Google web browser, code-named CHROME has been confirmed as of Sep. 1st, 2008. A comic-book/brand roadmap for Chrome was released through a common Google rumor-mill Blogoscoped.

Chrome Web Store

The "Chrome Web Store" is the official source of valid Chrome Extensions (i.e. browser plugins/add-ons).

Google TV


Weather API

[222] [223]

Visualization API

Google Earth

Search the Earth visually, using a 3D globe and data from GoogleMaps. Google Earth is currently available as a desktop client application.






Google is leading one of the largest most ambitious projects ever attempted to digitize the world's Print Media. Everything form old books to manuscript, and newspapers to magazines.



Currency Converter



Operating Systems


Android is the name of Google's Mobile Phone Operating System[228][229]

See section: Android

Google VanityOS

App Engine


Google acquired "real-time datbase" and "Backend-as-a-Service" (BaS) innovator Firebase and integrating it into its Cloud offerings.

[232] [233] [234] [235] [236] [237] [238] [239] [240]


On August 10th, 2015[241] Google spun-off s majority of its businesses (particularly loss-leading and research-focused units) into Alphabet a new holding company for new initiatives and riskier projects, meanwhile profit-driving divisions like Search, Ads, YouTube, Analytics, Maps, GoogleApps for Enterprise, Android mobile OS, Chrome browser will all remain part of Google proper.[242][243][244][245][246][247][248][249][250]

Google Labs

In 2011 Google announced that its Labs experiment will be effectively shutdown, with most projects folded, moved to Google Projects and no longer maintained by staff, or set to move into their own individual Beta period.


Shortly after the death of GoogleLabs the GoogleX project was started to become a new home for all R&D activity within the company, and those research activities carried out in partnership with third parties or organizations.

Google Ventures

Google’s venture capital arm already has a church-and-state separation from the company’s other endeavors, regularly investing in companies that compete with Google products. That line of separation should be even more stark thanks to the restructuring.

Google Capital

This investment arm focuses on late-state growth companies, and like Google Ventures, operates independently of Google’s consumer-product businesses.

Google Fiber

Google’s high-speed broadband Internet service is now available in three cities, with plans to expand to six more in the coming months.


Wing is Google's drone delivery effort, designed to compete with Amazon's own drone delivery pilot project (called PrimeAir) and be available "as-a-service" to other companies not just via its own websites, apps and virtual storefronts.

Google Music

Google Voice

Google Squared

[252] [253] [254] [255] [256]

Google Zeitgeist


Google WAVE


Google Now

[261] [262] [263] [264] [265] [266] [267] [268] [269]

Google Goggles

Google HotelFinder

Google PersonFinder


Google Health

Google Body


Go Language


[274] [275] [276]


Arguably one of the more interesting new APIs to come out of Google is their Prediction API which offers remote/cloud-based clustering, machine learning and yes as the name suggests, even prediction such as using past statistics to predict an outcome (i.e. the weather, user choice among preset options, etc).

Safe Browsing

Google provides remote access to their Safe Browsing site list


Google Hacks


Watchdog & Advocacy Groups


PageRank is a site's position in Google's Search index.

[281] [282]


Easy Google Profit?

Series of scams and "work-from-home" ploys.


External Links

[293] [294]


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