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Hulu is the name of the project initiated by NBC, CBS and FOX entertainment to create their own proprietary answer to YouTube for online video distribution and community-based sharing. The site offers a full suite of review & rating features, as well as comment functionality, a blog and a message board.

Hulu Mobile

Rumors have now surfaced that Hulu will soon be available over mobile devices, though protocol or distribution architecture has yet to be disclosed. [1]

Hulu API

As of July 3rd, 2008 no API exists for accessing the Hulu directories or video content, however there has been rumors that an API might some day be made available following hte oembed standard [2], and indeed looking at some of the job postings API Development experience seems to be frequently requested.[3]

Hulu RSS

Fortunately, Hulu does at least provide RSS feeds for most aspects of their directory. This could potentially be used to mashup content from Hulu and create innovative new applications. [4]

Hulu Launch

The launch of the Hulu service was fueled by an extremely large amount of Hype, initiated by the extended Beta trial period for the service (which began in 2007 and lasted through to March, 2008).[5]

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