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An image (from Latin imago)[1] is a visual representation of any object or view of the world. It is traditionally defined as a representation of a specific object, but it may be a more indescribable representation of a thought, idea or random assortment of color/pixels.

1000 Words

A long-running popular saying that emphasizes simplicity of understanding visual information.[2]






Animated GIF

A single image may, it turns out, be able to hold a lot more than the initial "1000 word" philosophical limitation; namely, by containing multiple images in a single digital image file and looping through the images. This is the concept behind the "Animated GIF", and it has enjoyed widespread use to tell quirky and irrelevant stories in the form of Avatars, signatures and other plain old joke images that get passed around on the web.



See section: SVG



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Image Manipulation


Image Rollovers are popular page effects whereby an action occurs after an image is hovered over.


A Cropping Tool or function (sometimes also known as a Marquee tool) is a rectangular, circular, or other polygon-shaped selection tool whose purpose is to select an area of content in order to differentiate it from other content. Possibly the best known example of this is the rectangular selection box from a typical Photo editing suite, which can be used to select one part of an image for copying, pasting or croping, while discarding the other parts or leaving them discarded.


Base64 is a common format for representing raw image data, where the rather than pointing to the file to display it, you instead include all of its Base-64 (BLOB) binary data as a data-uri:




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