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Image Recognition is a technique, process and/or (set of) computer algorithm(s) that may have one of two main types. The first type of Image Recognition algorithm is the act of programmatically determining the degree of similarity between two (or more) images, and determining the

The other is understanding or calculating within a given degree of precision, the existence of or position of a set of objects.

Facial Recognition

A subset of Image Recognition, Facial Recognition aims to train a system to recognize individual people based on their physical traits (appearance and related artifacts, i.e. nose bridge, nostrils, smile, teeth, hair color, hair style, ears, facial symmetry, eyes, eye color, eye spacing, eyebrows, common accessories worn, etc).

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Object Detection

Motion Detection





Open-source Computer Vision (OpenCV) is the leading open source library of programming functions mainly aimed at real time computer vision. Example applications of the OpenCV library are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Object Identification, Segmentation and Recognition; Face Recognition; Gesture Recognition; Motion Tracking, Ego Motion, Motion Understanding; Structure From Motion (SFM); Stereo and Multi-Camera Calibration and Depth Computation; Mobile Robotics.

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