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A Laptop is a medium to small-sized computer (most commonly with built-in keyboard, mouse/track-pad & display monitor) which is light enough to be portable and more easily moved between usage locations than a full-sized Desktop workstation computer or a server.

Although the lines are becoming blurred between Laptops, 2-in-1 Computer/Tablet mobile devices, Notebooks, Phablets, large PDAs and emerging projection or flexible display mobile devices, Laptops are a somewhat well-defined category of electronic device which has broad appeal to both consumers and business/enterprise.


On the consumer side, laptop sales have exceeded desktop computer sales since ________.

On the business many companies have stopped buying desktop computers for their employees in favor of having a "mobile workforce" (business speak for having workers who can "take their work home with them", or on the road during business trips).

Corporate Laptop Security

The trend towards laptops, while beneficial for increasing per capita workforce productivity, opens the organization up to more security risks and has a higher up-front cost to successfully/securely configure the corporate network to support remote working from the corportate mobile devices (if not already undertaken). In addition, this is often used in combination with providing a corporate smartphone, meaning employees are constantly connected to work stream information, requests and task assignments at all hours of the day, every day of the year. This has been known to lead to burnout and in fact decreased productivity in some cases. In addition, there are privacy issues around monitoring an employee's "company-supplied device" usage at all times of the day (even outside of work hours), if this is done as part of the corporate security policy.

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