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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
[[Streaming]] | [[P2P]] | [[Content]]
[[Streaming]] | [[RTMP]] | [[P2P]] | [[Content]]

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Live Streaming is now possible over the web, whereas in the past, several technological hurdles (such as availability and cost of sufficient bandwidth, as well as a lack of adequate streaming technologies) limited the ability to stream live flash content.



Live Video Streaming service started in 2005, similar look & feel to MySpace.


Example Search:

* http://search.justin.tv/search?q=Movies&sortby=newest&show-archives=true

Same result as JSON:

* http://search.justin.tv/search?q=Movies&sortby=newest&show-archives=true&encode-as=json



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See Also

Streaming | RTMP | P2P | Content