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Welcome to the BC$ MobileTV Knowledge Base (powered by MediaWiki & SemanticMediaWiki)

If you are a new user, before jumping in to contribute please consult the Wiki Documentation and User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Some useful links to the Help files are also included below. You may additionally wish to refer to our Privacy Policy and Disclaimers for this wiki, to ensure that your contributions stay within the intended use.

BC$ MobileTV Wiki

This knowledge base will be represented on the World Wide Web as the BC$ MobileTV Wiki.
Please use this Wiki to log, record and share any information that you feel may be valuable to the BC$ Recommendation System project, BC$ online currency project, or the BC$ organization.

Over time, the BC$ MobileTV Wiki will grow to become an invaluable resource for Developers[1], Testers[2], Producers[3], Advertisers[4], Translators[5] and Contributors[6] of all kinds who want to exchange, search or request further information about -- or, knowledge pertaining to -- BC$. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started now: <inputbox> type=create width=20 break=no </inputbox> to BCmoney MobileTV
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