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Mashups are applications which make use of data from more than one location or context by integrating data from external databases or applications and exposing the user to richer data combinations in one central presentation.


ProgrammableWeb is the de facto leader in providing information, documentation, supplemental links and tracking usage (mashups) of Web Services and APIs.


YouTube Mashups

Excellent Mashups by Satoru Yano

Yahoo! Video Mashup

Blinkx Mashup

Truveo Mashup

Freebase Mashup

Twitter Mashup

  • Twittervision is a web mashup combining Twitter with Google Maps to create a real time display of tweets across a map:
  • Tweetburner allows you to track the website links you post on Twitter and find out how many times people clicked on the link:
  • Twubble -- Helps you find friends with similar tastes by analyzing your posts and current followers:


  • HousingMaps -- (Craig's List real estate classifieds + GoogleMaps): THE ORIGINAL MASHUP!?!
  • MapCrow - Driving Distance Calculator:
  • Pubwalk (merges CitySearch & Google Maps; Yahoo Maps for mobile & consolidated directions, only major map provider offering this combo; Dodgeball was integrated into mobile via Dodgeball SMS links, now allow Email to Phone only):
  • DealsCloud -- FatWallet API + SlickDeals API (building a virtual yard sale or bazaar, in Tag Cloud form):
  • GolfBonk (golf course information compiled from numerous golf resources, directories, and course websites as well as the US Geological Names database, Weather infomation comes primarily from the National Weather Service Digital forecast database, Geo-coding done via USGS, Google and Yahoo Maps):
  • Follow The Oil Money:


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