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Mobile Advertising is one of the fastest growing (but also likely overly-hyped) advertising media.

Mobile Stats

   * The latest wave of post-iPhone smart phones have put mobile:
      - social networking
      - search
      - location based services 
      - gaming
      - video
     into the fast lanes of user adoption.
   * Data usage is up 39% in a year.
   * Over 70 million mobile customers have already used mobile search.
   * Over 40 million (more) surf the mobile Web. 



While no leading Standards organization has emerged to date, the MMA[2] and the IAB[3] are currently becoming de facto bodies in their respective areas of mobile advertising and marketing.

In addition, Google through its acquired Video (i.e. YouTube[4], On2[5], Omnisio[6], NextNewNetworks[7], Episodic[8], GreenParrotPictures[9], etc) and Ad expertise (i.e. DoubleClick[10], AdMob[11][12][13], AdScape[14], AdMeld[15], AppliedSemantics[16], Sprinks[17], dMarc[18], etc) has been an industry leader and trend setter as well in the area of mobile video ads.[19]


Significant R&D and marketing budgets are still being placed on research, development and testing Mobile Ad formats. No formats have emerged as "de facto" standards or become widely used across the entire industry, but some of the most popular formats being tested include bottom and top display banners (i.e. fixed images of 320x240 mobile-landscape mode and 240x320 mobile-portrait mode, 640x480 tablet, etc) and early examples of mobile video ads[20]. Responsive layout ad formats have increasingly been gaining traction as the way forward (rich ads that adjust to screen size and resolution on page load and expand/shrink based on orientation).



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