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Mobile Video is broadly defined as video content consumed on a mobile device, most notably on a Mobile Phone; but also may include video consumer on a Mobile Gaming device (i.e. PSP or GameboyDS), personal media player (i.e. iPod, Zune or walkman), Smart Paper or other small mobile electronic device or even most broadly, a laptop computer (such as a notebook, tablet, PDA or iPad).



  • MyWaves - The FIRST company to offer a scalable consumer-powered mobile video platform:[1]


Everybody's copied YouTube, and YouTube in turn, has copied everyone.



QuickPlay is Canada's undisputed leader in Mobile Video services, quite simply, for lack of competition. They have been regarded highly by major carriers such as Rogers, AT&T and Aliant; namely for the control it provides the carrier and the ability to charge per video which provides a built-in Mobile "Pay-Per-View" revenue system.

From their site:

"QuickPlay is the premier solutions provider for companies offering mobile TV/video services over broadband wireless networks. We provide the fastest and most flexible way to manage, distribute and monetize mobile TV/video services for mobile operators and media companies worldwide. QuickPlay powers mobile TV/video services for 14 major mobile operators in North America and Europe, providing both live and on-demand content from over 150 media companies.

Our market leading services for mobile operators include a fully managed end to end solution for launching mobile TV/video services or individual licensed specialty modules that can elevate existing mobile TV/video services to “best of breed” stature.

Our innovative services for media companies include a fully hosted solution that integrates mobile TV/video services into on-deck and off-deck mobile internet sites, and robust content syndication services.

QuickPlay was founded in April 2004 by telecommunications executive Wayne Purboo and media executive Raja Khanna and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with local sales offices in North America and Europe. The company is privately held with venture funding from General Catalyst, Ventures West, J.L Albright and Up Capital." <ref>Quickplay - About Us:</ref>


David Lynch rant about watching movies on a Mobile

Ironically enough, a position he seems to have reversed less than 2 years later...<ref>From “Eraserhead” to MMS: David Lynch Goes Mobile:</ref>


  • Movino: (Broadcast LIVE video from your mobile phone over 3G or WiFi onto your website, or, use your phone as a bluetooth webcam)



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  1. MyWaves, Share Video on Mobiles:

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