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Movie Recommenders are a subset of Recommendation Engines that are used for collecting and/or analyzing a large set of data about a particular audience (website users, movie theater patrons, etc...) in order to recommend the best films for them to watch at a given point in time based on a given set of criteria.


Selection Criteria are filters for a recommendation that could represent any number of factors, for example:

- the best films that they have not yet seen
- the most highly rated films
- the rarest films that meet their "interest profile"
- Collaborative Filters on the films they've viewed/rated 
 (i.e. Amazon's "People who bought this also bought these  titles..."
- the movies their peers (immediate friends list, family, etc) enjoyed most
- the movies people recommended for them expressly
- the movies that star their favorite actors/actresses
- movies by their favorite director
- movies by the same production studio that they might not realize meet their style/production value preferences

Existing Services

  • WhatToRent - Movie Rental Recommender:
  • NetFlix - Online DVD Rentals (*legal* online rental outlet, with reviews/rating system):
  • IMDB - The Internet Movie Database (world's largest collection of films online, most entries include full details about a movie such as Cast, Crew, Filming Locations, Release Dates, Memorable Quotes, Recommendations to related movies, Links to Amazon for DVD purchase, Ratings from the IMDB user community, etc):
  • Amazon - The world's largest online retailer (features lots of movies/info and all their products have a recommendation service to try to increase sales through recommendations of similar products... they have owned IMDB since 1998-1999):
  • Freebase - Free/Open Movie Database (with API access to data from Wikipedia, MusicBrainz, etc, not as much data as IMDB but close):
  • Wikipedia - The world's largest online encyclopedia with articles contributed/edited by regular users (quality varies, not as many movies as IMDB but contains basic info on most new movies and famous old movies):
  • Linked MovieDatabase:
  • Movie Lens - An intensive collaborative research project at University of Minnesota (aims at building a Wikipedia-like online rating and recommendation system for movies of all kinds):
  • FilmTrust - a website that combines social networks with movie ratings: