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Object-Oriented (commonly abbreviated OO) is a state of assignment of value from one entity to another. [1]

For simple comparison's sake, one could think of OO programming as equivalent in theory to the children's toy Lego; wherein complex structures can be built of many separate types of building blocks or bricks, which can be stacked together in unique ways, and which may have similar yet distinct properties from one another (i.e. T-shaped connectors which are similar to L-shaped connectors, or, 2x2-peg square blocks which are similar to 2x6-peg or 2x8-peg wide rectangular blocks that are guaranteed to be the same width but have varying lengths).

In this sense, modular OO principles have much in common with the Semantic Web, in terms of the "building blocks" approach of constructing much more complex structures and describing much more complex concepts.

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