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* PHPflickr: http://bcmoney-mobiletv.com/metaweb/phpflickr/
* PHPflickr: http://bcmoney-mobiletv.com/metaweb/phpflickr/
* Flickr Modules -- Flickr in pure AJAX: http://www.nmjenkins.com/code/ | [http://www.nmjenkins.com/code/flickrdemo/ DEMO]
* Flickr Wall: http://kylerush.net/javascript/tutorial-flickr-api-javascript-jquery-ajax-json-build-detailed-photo-wall/ | [http://kylerush.net/tutorials/flickr-photo-wall/ DEMO] (tutorial on how to Use the Flickr API, Javascript/jQuery, AJAX & JSON to Build Detailed a Photo Wall)
===== Flickr Modules =====
* Flickr in pure AJAX: http://www.nmjenkins.com/code/
* DEMO: http://www.nmjenkins.com/code/flickrdemo/
===== Flickr Wall =====
* Tutorial: Use the Flickr API, Javascript (jQuery), AJAX and JSON to Build Detailed a Photo Wall: http://kylerush.net/javascript/tutorial-flickr-api-javascript-jquery-ajax-json-build-detailed-photo-wall/
* DEMO: http://kylerush.net/tutorials/flickr-photo-wall/
=== Google Photos ===
=== Google Photos ===

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SmugMug is the world's largest online Photography community.


Flickr is a web application that during the Web2.0 era was considered the world's largest public collection of photos online, and was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. For this reason it is commonly refered to as "The World's Data Dump" of photographs and images. Following Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo! in 2016, Flickr was sold to SmugMug.[1]


Due to its extreme popularity in the past a very large number of tools and libraries were developed for working with the Flickr API, although not all these tools continue to work due to API changes introduced over the years (no more public/unmetered API calls without API key, addition of OAuth as required Auth protocol, stricter HTTPS rules, etc).



The most basic example from phpFlickr is the new picture previewer, which simply grabs an array of the most recent 20 images that have been uploaded at the moment the script is loaded in a browser. As a result, you are almost guaranteed that each time you refresh it, it will contain new photos. An example run of the script can be found here:

Google Photos


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External Links


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