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* Create a Pomodoro Clock with JavaScript: https://dev.to/albertomontalesi/tutorial-create-a-pomodoro-clock-with-javascript-13om | [https://inspiredwebdev.com/projects/pomodoro-clock/ DEMO]
* Create a Pomodoro Clock with JavaScript: https://dev.to/albertomontalesi/tutorial-create-a-pomodoro-clock-with-javascript-13om | [https://inspiredwebdev.com/projects/pomodoro-clock/ DEMO]
* How to Calculate Time Difference in Java?: https://www.programcreek.com/2014/01/how-to-calculate-time-difference-in-java/
* How to Calculate Time Difference in Java?: https://www.programcreek.com/2014/01/how-to-calculate-time-difference-in-java/
* Scheduling tasks in Linux - How to write a simple systemd timer: https://advancedweb.hu/how-to-write-a-simple-systemd-timer/
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Scheduling is the division of time into a set, understandable (and therefore predictable and actionable) measurement and/or sequential or organizational structure. Scheduling can be done in many different ways, as different cultures have vastly different ways of experiencing, interpreting, measuring and denoting the passage of time as well as how they valuate the issue of timeliness (and tardiness). For this reason, many different Calendar systems and date/time formats have emerged.[1]

Scheduling in most modern computer systems is based on the Gregorian Calendar, which involves dividing up the year's 365 days/12 months/52 weeks by the respective 28-31 days per month, and 24hrs in per day into timeslots, within which to place various meetings, arrangements, appointments and plans. In computer systems, schedulers can run repetitive tasks (as in a daily back up) to save time from perform tedious daily activities.


Differences in timezones typically need to be taken into consideration in scheduling people (and possibly even machines/server) for performing a certain activity (such as participating in a conference/meeting, or, crunching some important numbers or fetching some data).

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Events are time-delimited moments of gathering, celebration, etc and typically include anything from:

  • Appointments (time boxed consultation i.e. Doctor, Dentist/Orthodontist, Optometrist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Veterinarian, Mechanic, Electronics repair technician, Real Estate broker, Mortgage broker, Life Insurance broker, Stock broker, Lawyer, and many other professionals where consultations or checkups need to be scheduled)
  • Meetings (work obligations or gatherings of people from separate or specific teams/departments/companies)
  • Milestones (points of accomplishment in work and/or life)
  • Deadlines (due dates in work and/or life)
  • Bill Payments (times in which certain payments for goods/services reach due)
  • Load Re-Payments (times in which certain loans reach maturity or have payment instalments due)
  • Life-events (such as birth of a child, wedding, first job, job interviews, house hunting, first car purchase, etc)
  • Extra-curricular Activities (Child/Dependent - i.e. "get Johnny to Basketball at 6:30pm at XYZ School gym", "bring Sara to plano recital at least 30mins early", the book club meets weekly on Thursdays at noon, etc)
  • Sports (practices, matches, games, tournaments, playoffs, broadcasts, etc)
  • Concerts (i.e. time boxed performances of any musical genre, possibly featuring multiple separate acts at different timings)
  • Festivals (i.e. multi-day Concerts and related special time boxed events that could span more than just a few hours)
  • Performances (i.e. artistic acts, recitals, dances, acrobatics, talent shows, plays, musicals, and other theatrical performances)
  • Cinema (films/movies or other time-delimited showings on the "silver screen" or specific venues)
  • Broadcasts (radio/television or other time-delimited live or "recording-delayed" but near real-time showing across a specific or several media)
  • Live Streams (mobile/web or other real-time streams of communication over the internet)




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