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Search Engine Optimization (commonly abbreviated SEO) is a technique for manipulating the search results of the top Search Engine services (Google, Yahoo!, Lycos, DogPile, WebCrawler, Mahalo, Wikia, Cuil, etc...).


The following criteria contribute to ranking in search engines:

  1. page title
  2. META description
  3. META keywords
  4. content (keywords and/or keyphrases appear at a ratio of 1:3, or once every third of content... for example it should appear in the first paragraph if you have three, the first and fourth if you have six, etc)
  5. categories
  6. tags
  7. links (title, rel)
  8. images (title, alt)
  9. media (title, alternate DIV or P tags)
  10. iframe (noframes text)
  11. script (noscript text)
  12. links (outbound links from your site linking to references or other external sites)
  13. backlinks (number of sites linking in to your's)
  14. searches (number of searches using keywords that pull up relevant pages of your site's content already)
  15. authority (reliability of your top-level domain for a given topic)
  16. freshness (frequency of updates)
  17. traffic (visitations over time)



Getting listed in the main Yahoo!, DMOZ and other business directories is essential. This could require substantial original content or establishment and recognition of authoritative position for given material or subject.

Link Building

The process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A hyperlink (usually just called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet.

Link Sharing

As long as a majority of in-bound links are from non-reciprocated sources, certain targeted link-shares can be extremely beneficial to SEO and Search Engine ranking on a particular subject.

Link Buying

No longer a viable alternative (in bulk) due to Google's Search Engine algorithm changes. May still make sense in a smaller more focused manner.


Top 10 Lists, Best-Ofs, Greatest Hits (of own content or others'), etc...


Writing tutorials or how-to guides is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise, and generate traffic, especially when done for a niche or specialized topic.




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