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Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior, activities, or other information-related accesses/changes. Human Surveillance is usually conducted upon a particular group of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them. This can include observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment (such as CCTV cameras), or interception of electronically transmitted information (such as Internet traffic or phone calls); and it can include simple, relatively no- or low-technology methods such as human intelligence agents eavesdropping and/or postal interception of the mail. The word surveillance comes from a French phrase for "watching over" ("sur" means "from above" and "veiller" means "to watch"), and is in contrast to more recent developments such as sousveillance (which means "recording an activity by a participant in the activity typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies").

Surveillance is used by governments for intelligence gathering, the prevention of crime, the protection of a process, person, group or object, or for the investigation of crime. It is also used by criminal organizations to plan and commit crimes such as robbery and kidnapping, by businesses to gather intelligence, and by private investigators.

Surveillance is often a violation of privacy, and is opposed by various civil liberties groups and activists. Liberal democracies have laws which restrict domestic government and private use of surveillance, usually limiting it to circumstances where public safety is at risk. Authoritarian government seldom have any domestic restrictions; and international espionage is common among all types of countries.

21st Century Surveillance


The nature of society and ever changing security management challenges have forced organizations to explore the need for more sophisticated video surveillance systems. As technology has progressed network digital video has become an extremely cost effective management control tool for sites at any location and to operations of almost any size.[1]

How to Find

  • Google search for a specific webcam type/model's page signature (a unique piece of text, code or URL fragment appearing by default when publishing the webcam):

Security Cameras

Security Cameras are privately-owned surveillance tools which record and/or broadcast a video feed of a particular area or set of areas or regions (i.e. mobile/adjustable/multi-lense cameras), and are one of the primary means of physical premise/property surveillance.







Camera Models


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"adding live video to one of your own pages a very easy task with an AXIS 2100 Network Camera"
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WebCam XP

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  • Slooh: (provides occasional free/live access or membership-based access every day to sattelites and observatory telescope feeds)


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