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I've thought up 5 key issues (but could use your help ironing them out):

I. Agriculture - Local food independence through Permaculture and Aquaponics (As peak oil arrives in the next couple decades, food prices will be prohibitively expensive for most unless we start doing something about it now; plan to help existing farms make switch and allocate any idle public lands for this use; encourage organized urban forraging and seed bombing; most importantly keep GMOs and Monsanto out of NB!)

II. Energy - Distributed, Decentralized Infrastructure, NOT SmartGrid! (within the next two decades, I strongly believe it will be cheaper to produce electricity and heat on-site - i.e. within a particular suburb - rather than having major energy centers that then try to distribute out energy; this is one area that I'll admit needs significant thought and planning to pull off, but we have to plan for tomorrow's technologies not only what we see deployed today, and we need to start putting together policies that enable such innovations to come to market; its especially important though because I have inside info that as we speak NBpower and Siemens are working to build and then deploy a total enslavement SmartGrid system that micro-manages the electricity usage and carbon offsets required to be purchased for each appliance in your home; we'd also need to put together a plan to safely decommision Point LePreau nuclear facility)

III. Business - Get rid of "too big to fail" in Canada, starting with NB and new provincial Anti-trust legislation (avoid the same fate the US is ultimately headed for; apart from the banks, break up Rogers/Fido, Bell/Aliant on telco oligopoly, JDI on natural resources monopoly, NB Power on energy monopoly to prevent holding us ransom with potential sale to Quebec Hydro or others... did I mention the banks!?! Need more community credit unions, less banks. Also attempt to absolve any existing debts from previous governments' poor decisions and backroom dealings such as Atcon and Umoe Solar; this would be significantly easier once food and energy independence is reached as there would probably be Federal backlash if parties tried to sue the crown and we want to break all reliance on Ottawa/Feds first.)

IV. Transportation - Major Highspeed Rail project to connect NB to Quebec, NS, PEI (it might sound totally impractical now, but within the next 2-3 decades, it will be significantly cheaper to use sustainably-powered rail than relying on the price of oil, which "peak-oil" economists predict will take a short nose dive right around the 2012 US elections and then go sky high with no sign of stopping for the next 50 years until literally only legacy Military vehicles will be permitted to use oil (this is further compounded by our non-existent and/or unreliable electric vehicle charging networks and lack of alternative engine types); I could stand to be corrected on that if the speculated massive reserves in Alaska or other parts of the world are revealed beforehand but time will tell; either way a massive infrastructure project like this would be the only way to get around, and if done successfully, the last major infrastructure NB ever requires, so a perfect way to phase out taxation, see next section)

V. Taxes - Eradicate all personal provincial taxes by 2050; Billable Services model not unaccountable bureaucracy (no more taxation without representation appeals to everyone, so no more HST... not that crazy, just look at Alberta or Municipal property taxes, Provincial income taxes, there would be mass immigration to NB; the only taxes I can possibly ever support are one of two:

  1. foreign corporate entity taxation against foreign companies trying to exploit our resources (by buying up land and exporting water, lumber, minerals, etc) or markets (by importing goods at a reduced rate using cheap labor), or,
  2. taxation against the biggest polluting and resource exploiting conglomerates or individuals, defined more as very stiff penalties sufficient to act as a deterrence against their activities, than typical taxes (stop "taking your cut of the proceeds gained from environmental damage" and start forcing companies to operate in an environmentally friendly manner)

So what I'd propose to do is to take all the government's implicit power away by making individual services billable; they already externalize costs this way for things like Buses controlled by the municipality and only "subscribed" to if you actually use the service)

If you weren't a dreamer, I'm sure you'd call the above 5 things the most impossible aspirations one could possibly try to achieve; but I am a dreamer, so I believe they are possible. One thing I'm sure we can agree on is that society will be forced to change significantly over the next century. The question is whether the final destination is:

a) "Self-Destruction" due to major conflict over resources, artificial scarcity, invented conflict by TPTB (engineered food/energy crises) or other unforeseen non-fabricated or man-made natural disaster

b) "Sustainability" under the boot heel of an authoritarian regime as imposed by the United Nations with Agenda 21 and other tools such as the IMF, WorldBank, etc (i.e. debt/food/heat/shelter slavery through "Carbon trading" schemes)

c) "Independent Sustainability" as I like to call it, thanks only to the concerted yet disparate hard work and sacrifice of all citizens which is required to make difficult but meaningful changes to become self-sufficient and independent for all major needs (food/water/heat/shelter).

Other major issues I didn't cover were:

  • Education (getting rid of standardized testing, incentivization of teachers for performance, privatization of schools, encouraging home-schooling and E-Learning as free alternatives), as well as
  • Health much benefit to be had by the first province to offer both public/private options since Quebec?! again as a "subscription" like the good old days when people bought into the early Blue Cross to cover expenses. (Possible bias here as I'm employed by Medavie Blue Cross but by maintaining its not-for-profit status and goals, as well as allowing competition and preventing any one company from owning more than 50% of market would be how I propose to prevent any unfair market advantage for established providers).

Some issues like Poverty and Property Rights would be at least partially tackled by one of the main issues (i.e. Agriculture or Taxes, respectively), while ongoing issues such as Privacy and Copyright could be addressed within #3 Business, which would focus on keeping big businesses off of people's back and unable to retain or seek out personal information. Lastly, personal choice issues such as Abortion or Gay Marriage which have constantly been used to distract the public from more important issues during election time, would be addressed partially by #5 no Taxation. With no Taxes then there would be no services and thus no special designation that could be assigned by the state or any government body, official or department. So it really wouldn't matter whether people choose a particular lifestyle or not.

These need a lot more work but that's the general foundation.


SDGsWhat it really saysDecentralization
End poverty in all its forms everywhereImpoverish everyone so that all are equally destituteEnd all monetary systems so poverty is impossible
End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agricultureTerminate the hungry, instill fear of food insecurity through perceived artificial scarcity and meddle in locally operated farms that are already striving for low environmental impacts and costs of operationIntermittent Fasting combined with reduced caloritic intake through nutrient-dense health foods for all
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all agesSupersede parental rights by imposing unrealisitic "healthy living" objectives that actually promote dependence on the stateMastery of at least one "physical cultural pursuit" (sport, martial art, hobby, activity, competition, etc)
Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learningEqually poor education for all, and constant brainwashing are critical for docile and easily controlled populationEducation an ingrained part of life makes self-directed and community-supported learning inevitable
Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girlsBe unclear what a "woman" actually is and destroy the genders through unnatural confusion of sex, gender and societal rolesAcknowledge & celebrate binary gender differences while still supporting those who are struggling (at any point in time) to "discover their own identity"
Ensure access to water and sanitation for allDelay water access and cause desperation by deciding who gets what quality of water, how much they get and when (along with continuing to allow clean drinking water sources to be polluted by industry)Provide access to tools for harnessing atmospheric, "primary" below-ground, and other renewable water sources (including distilling/desalination/purification/filtering)
Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for allDeceive the population and withhold any technology that would lead to further energy independenceFree energy for all (Bio-Digestion, Geothermal, Solar Passive/Thermal/Photovoltaic, Tidal, Wind, Nuclear fission/fusion)
Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for allMake everyone work like a slave for private conglomerates who are prioritized based on their cronyism & contributions, until the workers drop deadNo work for anyone, outside of demands of maintaining their own household's basic food needs
Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovationBuild feeble, poor performing infrastructure and protect industrial polluters while stifling any attempts at innovation to fix these problemsProtect community-built infrastructure and Reward innovation without any particular industrialization agenda
Reduce inequality within and among countriesEnsure inequality amongst countries and their sub-regionsStop policing the world, let each nation develop at their own pace, and in the way they see fit
Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainableMake cities a death trap and degrading societal timebomb waiting to go offAbolish and phase out cities which are inherently unsustainable, instead supporting sustainable, self-directed communities
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patternsDrive unsustainable hoarding and price inflations through imbalanced production patternsMatch production patterns to consumption needs
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impactsProfiteer off of fake "human caused climate change" agendaStop fighting the inevitability of a changing climate and start preparing humanity to better adapt to its inevitable changes
Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resourcesDestroy and unsustainable over-fish and pollute the oceans, seas and marine life which we incorrectly view as resources to be consumedNo region or group may carry out unbalanced usages of the oceans, seas or marine resources (each citizen of the world given a lifetime access quota to be carefully managed)
Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity lossTurn forests into deserts at an alarming rate through deforestation and land degradationStop intervening in natural processes, build everything to last so that deforestation and desertification is not possible
Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societiesArtificially separate humanity into different societies and aim to turn them against one another rather than allowing them to collaborate or co-existAccept that the nature of humanity when left to find its own path is towards peace and justice
Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable developmentEgotistically think the entire globe's development can be controlled by a few power elite of business and politicsTerminate the failed "global partnership for sustainable development" experiment in favour of regional development goals without any forced centralized policy making