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Travel is one of the largest industries in E-Commerce today.

Types of Services

Popular sectors within the Travel Industry include:

  1. Information Sites
  2. Review Sites
  3. Blogs (aka. Travelogues[1][2])
  4. Travel Guide publishers[3]
  5. Tour Guides[4]
  6. Time-Shares (including Home Rental, i.e. Air B&B)
  7. Airline Ticket reservation and booking systems
  8. Hotel (or Condo/rental lodging) Booking Service
  9. Travel Agencies
  10. Travel Search sites
  11. Travel Aggregation (multiple site-search)
  12. Automated Travel Notification services
  13. Travel Customization & Recommendation Systems
  14. Travel-related Affiliate programs
  15. Travel-related Advertising Networks
  16. Vehicle Rental services
  17. Ride-sharing (and Carpooling)
  18. Bicycle-sharing
  19. Public Transportation (and Transit info lookup services)

Business Model

These sites may use a wide variety of revenue models, including (but not limited to):


An industry of its own, Transportation is the delivery of goods between locations.




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