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Twitter is the web's most popular short messaging service. It basically enables users to broadcast a short (140 characters or less) message about themselves or what they are doing/thinking at a given point in time. These thoughts, ideas, observations, opinions, hello messages, random updates etc... are presented as a linear set of posts (similar in nature to Facebook's Friend Update feature, which mimics the success of Twitter and similar short messaging "status update" services.


As of August 31st, 2010 basic authentication is no longer supported in Twitter's API web services for posting tweets and accessing private user timelines.[1]

Twitter Mobile

Twitter Mobile also includes Mobile SMS but is (at least in North America) dwarfed in number of texts sent, by users of the mobile carriers' default, direct SMS text messaging services.




Selling Friends

Professional hustler turned CEO Jason Calacanis spelled it out on Twitter tonight. The new Twitter "suggested friends" feature (first blogged by Pete Cashmore) is a natural place to sell friend connections between users and companies wanting to communicate with them.



Twitter Search

Twitter Search is slowly but surely becomign a thorn in Google's side by providing a superior stream of constantly updated, user-generated search results based on real-time Tweets by Twitter users.

Twitter API

Twitter Location


* BC$ - Twitter API:
* Tweetcall - Twitter by voice (from a mobile phone):
* Twitter Maps - Uses GeoIP to determine your location and plot nearby Twitterers on Google Maps:
* TwitterVision - LIVE worldwide interactive map of (global) Twitter activity:
* Flittr, picture your words (Flickr + Twitter):
* TwitterThoughts:
* Twitter Cloud:
* Twitter Deck:
* TweetMixx:
* TweetParade:




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