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* Installing OpenVZ: http://blog.hostonnet.com/installing-openvz
* Installing OpenVZ: http://blog.hostonnet.com/installing-openvz
* CentOS DevBox installation: http://newwiki.int.pason.com/datahub/CentOS5/DevBoxInstallation
* CentOS DevBox installation: http://newwiki.int.pason.com/datahub/CentOS5/DevBoxInstallation
* VirtualBox on CentOS 5: http://newwiki.int.pason.com/datahub/VirtualBoxOnCentOS5
* PASON - CentOS 5.2 64-bit Dev Box installation: http://newwiki.int.pason.com/datahub/CentOS5/DevBoxInstallation

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Virtualization is the act of abstracting or removing a layer of complexity from a given object, in relation to a specific resource.

There are many forms of virtualization, but recently the term has emerged to describe concepts in Information Technology and Computer Science. [1]








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