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WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File)[1] is a free and Open Source (FOSS) project designed to create one central repository for all of the various mobile handset & wireless device capabilities and technical specifications.

The repository itself is simply one rather large XML file, with an associated DTD for parsing the file and accessing the device capabilities. It is also made available as an SQL import as of January 2008 (designed for, but not limited to, MySQL's syntax).

As of August 2011, the founder of the project Luca Pasani has started Scentia Mobile, a company formed around the WURFL standard, data and APIs. Unfortunately the license on all new versions of WURFL going forward has changed, and commercial usage is only permitted if all source code which uses the project is provided (AGPL) and similarly licensed, or, if a fee is paid to Scentia Mobile (monthly subscription[2]). A new cloud-hosted version of WURFL is also made available by Scentia Mobile exclusively, under similar terms as the database itself[3].


WURFL Test Suite

WURFL Mobile Video

Handset Capabilities

Streaming Settings

Verify Optimum Mobile Settings









C# (ASP.Net)


External Links


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  2. WURFL usage-fees: http://www.scientiamobile.com/pricing
  3. Cloud-hosted WURFL pricing: http://www.scientiamobile.com/cloud
  4. WURFL & PHP - A Great Combination: http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/php/

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